FlySkills and MedAire

Flyskills has partnered with MedAire to offer its unique medical and security support packages to aircraft owners, passengers and crew worldwide 24/7.


Why MedAire?

No matter what precautions we all take to keep ourselves healthy and away from harm, at some point, we will suffer from unexpected illness or medical emergency.

Although your crew will be trained in first aid, they are unlikely to be medically qualified and proficient medical practitioners.  In the event that you, one of your passengers or crew are taken ill whilst airborne or on the ground during a trip away, MedAire is available 24/7 to provide specialist medical advice and support.

One phone call to MedAire from your aircraft or on the ground will instantly connect you or your crew to a fully trained and experienced medical practitioner who will provide immediate advice in how to diagnose and initially treat any illness or medical emergency. 

If this occurs whilst airborne and a diversion to land as soon as possible is required, MedAire will work with the crew to identify the best diversion location with the right medical facilities.

On the ground, MedAire will provide ongoing support to ensure appropriate care is being provided to the patient at all times.

In addition to this reactive and immediate medical assistance when something goes wrong, MedAire also provides pre-travel safety, trip planning and risk mitigation to help you plan your trip safely and with the latest intelligence at hand. 

MedAire can also help with crisis and evacuation support anywhere in the world.

What Next?

FlySkills has partnered with MedAire to provide these services at discounted rates and one membership covers all of the services outlined above and more.
Please contact us for a quote.